A man wearing a dark tanned leather vest and a matching leather kilt enters the tavern carrying a scroll, an old blacksmith's hammer hangs from his belt. The man's obsidian hair lies over his ears and cheeks, flickering in the small amount of wind that is generated as he cuts through the air. His eyes are locked onto one of the main posts that supports the roof to the structure. The dancing flames from the lit torches cause his eyes to seemingly morph and contort in shadows, his lightly tanned skin seeming much darker in the night.

Upon reaching the post, he pulls the hammer from his belt along with a nail from a pouch that hung beside the hammer. Unfurling the scroll, he firmly drives the nail through the parchment and into the post, hanging the declaration within high enough for all to see. Replacing the hammer to his side, he turns and smirks as he walks away, exiting the tavern before any of the patrons have a chance to read the announcement.

Server-wide Gladiator Games

  • Brackets of a five level range set up starting at level 40.
  • Must RP your way into the event. Request to meet up with Brytag in-game for a short RP session that will facilitate your entrance into the games.
  • Must provide a bio for your character (nothing extensive). This may come in to play if your character has an undefined arch nemesis, or wants one, so that I may match up players this way.
  • Must pay the entrance fee which is based on your bracket range:
    • [40-44] = 10 silver
    • [45-49] = 15 silver
    • [50-54] = 20 silver
    • [55-59] = 25 silver
    • [60-64] = 30 silver
    • [65-69] = 40 silver
    • [70-74] = 45 silver
    • [75-79] = 50 silver
    • [80] = 1 gold
  • First place in each bracket takes home 50% of the cash from their bracket.
  • Second place in each bracket takes home 25% of the cash from their bracket.
  • Third place in each bracket takes home 15% of the cash from their bracket.
  • 10% of the cash from each bracket goes to the house.
  • Each match will have a random location and time which will be given out to the two participants well ahead of time.
  • Each match will be won by a best 3 out of 5 falls.
  • Depending upon how many people sign up, there may be a double elimination rule.

Hopefully, these games will be roleplayed throughout and champions will return for the next set of games. If anyone has any suggestions for the games, please post them here or talk to me in-game about them. The pricing can be adjusted to suit the income of each level, they were just a base amount that I (Brytag) came up with.

Now accepting entrants to the games!

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