Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvP
Size Small ~25-30
Contacts Keeka, Dior, Flynn

IC Information
Ever ready for adventure, the swords of Shenanigans are always willing to assist... for a price.

Bonding together for their love of adventure, and a good-sized coin purse, the members of Shenanigans are a seasoned bunch of mercenaries that will never turn their backs from a good fight. Be it a brawl in a bar, or slaughtering enemies on the battlefield, if it’s entertaining, then they’ll be there.

With wit as sharp as their weapons, they are masters of the art of sarcasm. Deftly wielding their verbal skill, to liven up even the most mundane of adventures.

If you ever need a second option, those who wear the Shenanigans tag are known for telling it how it is. Sugarcoating the truth is not part of the bargain, they will tell you bluntly the facts of the matter. Though don't expect them not to have a good-humored jab at your expense.

OOC Information
We have four basic rules:
1. No Douchebaggery
2. Don't be a greedy bastard
3. Take care of each other
4. Have a sense or humor

We're a family, plain a simple. Recruiting is not something we openly do. If you think that Shenanigans may be the home for you... hang out with us in game, visit us on our ventrilo, and make an active attempt to not be a stranger. :)

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