Soubrette Darkflower
Game Information
Game Name Soubrette
Race Stygian
Class Ranger
Professions Vagabond/Adventurer
Height 5ft 6in
Weight 9 Stone
Build Slender
Gender Female
Hair Raven-Black
Eyes Green
Age 20
Alignment Lawful-flexible


A Body built for trouble is how Soubrette would best liked to be described. Somewhat tall, somewhat curvy, somewhat deadly, the specifics you may forget but the sum of the parts are undeniably lovely. Shoulder length black hair and smokey green eyes frame a face that's just as likely to sport a sly smile as it is a murderous grin. She prefers plain clothes, normally in dark hues, and wears soft silken fabrics when not wearing her leather armor. Although, no matter what she's wearing... it's likely a couple of weapons accompany the ensemble, whether you see them or not.


Soubrette leads her life by a hodgepodge of disjointed philosophies, catch phrases and superstitions. Generally speaking, she's easy going, if she was in a mood, you wouldn't see her and if she's in a bad mood, you probably wouldn't see her until it's too late. She gets along to go along. Slow to make actual friends, she's quick to fall in line to get a job done.

In her heart of hearts, Soubrette simply desires to be free. Beholden to none and master of her own destiny. Trouble is... she doesn't really care what that destiny is, and is liable to go, any which way the wind blows...

Just so long as it's where the "action" is. Sometimes she thinks her life is dominated by that pursuit alone. The Action means lots of things. Whether it's a bit of trouble with the local constabulary, a quick thrill on the gaming tables, the slow thrill of a kill, or heist, or the quick/slow thrill of the latest distraction Soubrette finds in the arms of a lover.

That constant press for excitement often times makes Soubrette seem bored or annoyed in mixed company. With little tolerance for stupidity or inefficiency during a mission, Soubrette is prone to disappearing in a cloud of smoke to let the fates best deal with the incompetence of others.


Having found herself washed up on a beach... she'll let you know when she figures it out for herself

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