Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus Roleplay
  2nd Focus PvP
Size Hidden
Guild Master Aisheera
Contacts Aisheera,Raum,Taki or Luthors
City Lacheish Plains

Basic InformationEdit

Syndicus is made up of fun loving players with a competitive spirit. Sometimes people see those two things as mutually exclusive things and difficult to mix. So how do we do it? Well, on the serious side, we want to kick ass and push ourselves and look for ways to improve as well as put our heads together and come up with interesting and innovative ways to own at this game. But the key is to not be stone cold serious and militant at all times. Goofiness is welcome. The trick is being able to switch hats when the situation calls for it. When it comes to a serious discussion/meeting, difficult PvE & PvP situations, taking care of business, the serious side takes over.

Usually you find groups that are one way or the other on that spectrum: Super militant highly anal perfectionists or a bunch of goofballs that run around like it's a Jackass movie. Both have their benefits; the military environment when done well often performs great but in a highly stressed environment, the silly groups have amazing laughs and fun, but often lack in high performance. We'd like to have the best of both worlds. And again, the key is to be able to switch hats.

This guild is based on a mafia-like organization. Creativity, manipulation, domination, and a general hunger for attaining power and wealth through the means of a collaboration of individuals. A group whose members realize that much more power can be achieved as a loyal group rather than a collection of individuals. Thus the value of the group is recognized and maintained. Guild size is about not being too small to be ineffective, but not too big to cause alienation and a general bloated quantity over quality issue.

Endorsed acts by Syndicus includes but is not limited to: Extortion, gambling, prostitution, bribery, smuggling, market manipulation, political disruption, intel and reconnaissance, assassination, mercenary work, and other such things that involve gaining power and wealth. This doesn't mean we do these things indiscriminately; it's always a matter of benefit over cost. Don't extort someone if it looks like it might cause more problems than it's worth, for example.

Syndicus leadership is the Inner Circle consisting of 3 members, whose purpose is to guide as well as be guided. A functional unit to keep the group organized and make some of the heavier decisions.

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