Game Information
Race Cimmerian
Class Barbarian
Guild Murder Herd
Gender Male




Once perhaps the greatest tribe of barbarians to thrive in Hyboria this clan stuck fear into even the likes of Conan. Although Barbarians have their pacts and treaties and the such none last long with the battle hearty barbarians that dwell in Cimmeria.

Born under the strength of Crom, Tehroth was bold in his youth, outstanding in every combat technique imaginable in melee form. For Tehroth like all barbarians loathe magic and all links to it. Over the years the battles between the factions of clans worsened espcially between Tehroth's and Conans. Yet these two legendary warriors could not yet shape fate for them or their clans...yet.

Battle over the years between these clans left both sides hurt, but Silver wolf clan was broken with Conan away. Tehroth single handily destroyed a force of 31 flanking the main army of his clan, thus losing the Silver wolf clan's chance for victory. Relishing in the victory and defeat of their foes Tehroth's clan flourished in Cimmeria.

Seeking battle once more Tehroth felt the need to venture into distant lands to further his lust for battle at the age of merely 14. In these distant lands Tehroth heard many heeding of this entity named Pteor and a follower named solely as Matriarch in the land of Shem. However around this time word of Conan's arise in power caught his attention and he headed home after 6 years in different lands.

Upon arrival in his homeland he noticed something was amiss. His banners gone, his people but skeletons and fragmentations of their former existence. It its place what stood in the ruins of his people villages the banner of the lion. King Conan's mark. Tehroth from that day spat at the name of Crom sought help from Matriarch and the god Pteor in hope that aquilionia falls before them and king Conan's brow streaked in blood from Tehroth's sword. Damn Crom and his icy throne I need not him others will heed my call for vengeance curse him! There he venture back into the lands of Shem to fuel Pteor's desire of unity amongst the people through force.

The bull against the lion. Tehroth secretly does biddings plotting an assassination once the chance arises for him to succeed for this man does not know whom has working for him. Destroying all opposition to further enhance his own skill to take down the titan named Conan.

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