Hello Rp community of Cimmera, I am opening up a rp social event at the Tesso Tavern to help give abit of variety for the community. This event will be hosted by my guild Vengeance Of The Fang, along with a few other outside members in cooperation to help move things along smoothly.

What will be taking place in this Night Club event?

For starters, they're will be dancers, they're will be Ale, and most of all, there will be three main attractions.

  • 1 on 1 Bare knuckle brawl
  • All women wrestling Royal Rumble
  • Tesso Nightsky Auctioning

Rules for bare knuckle brawlEdit

similar to boxing:

each man will be each other to a pulp with in 2 minutes- it will be a 4 round bout- Judging will be determined by these factors for winning a round: contender with the most health ring generalship (the amount of punches connecting + accuracy) knocking your opponent out (no health is knockout) contender winning the most rounds wins the fight

No weapons No buffs no health potions inside the rounds (health potions can be used, BUT only after each round while taking the 30 second rest period and, the extra 30 duration of health is allowed once the 30 second rest period is up)

Champion of the brawl will recieve 3 gold, second and third place will recieve 1 gold

If any contenders who wish to partcipate in this brawl, there are 8 slots open, first come first serve, entry fee for combantants is 10 silver. (rules may change)

ALL Female Wrestling Royal RumbleEdit


All female combantants who wish to participate, entry is 6 silver, all coins collected will be put in a pot.

Rules will be simple:

no weapons no magic no armor (nude is optional) no health potion may use buffs however AND NO EXCESSIVE HIDING, if you hide throughout half the fight you are disqualified.

for this being a free for all, every woman for herself, last woman standing wins 50 percent of the pot, plus 3 gold prize.

Night Sky AuctionEdit


All items are accepted, including courtesans, slaves, and indentured servants.

If you have a item for the auction and interested, send composed mail to (Brudi) and bring the item(s) ( or slave,servant, etc etc.)

Can only have at least 3 items for the auction, all coins earned 10 percent of earn coins will be deducted due to sponsoring.

Space and entries are limited, First come First serve

(rules may change)


Entries for the 3 main attractions will all be worth 2 silver for each attraction, attending the event itself will be free.

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