Game Information
Game Name TeXian
Race Khitai
Class Ranger
Guild Black Company (Tonka)
Gender Male


Ranger Texian of Black Company (Tonka)


Texian is half feral, as are most scouts, he smells of leaf and branch and always has a thin coat of trail dust on his boots and cloak. He prefers the Bow and cares for it like an infant son. He shuns the shield and instead embraces the two weapon style of the east. Outwardly he seems an odd rouge with a permanent frown. But he surprises those he takes a liking to though by how open and quick with laughter he is.


Born far to the east TeXian was taken from his family at age 8 and pressed into the Khans army. There he was used as a runner and eventually became a scout. The army of the Khan the "Dragon Horde" pressed west with its eyes set on the riches of Turan and Aquilonia. Unfortunately the desert is not the steppe and though TeXian warned his masters repeatedly of the lack of water on the Kahn's chosen route the Kahn pressed on. TeXian was beaten for questioning orders and shamed by being sent to picket the baggage train. Weeks later the Kahn's army was weak from thirst, poisoned water holes, and constant attack by Turanian bedouin archers mounted on swift gangly creatures. That is when the enemy army appeared. Though they numbered only as many as the Khan had lost on the trek here they swarmed the horde in their weakened state. Those not killed outright were enslaved and taken west to the markets of Shem and Zingara. Texian made for a poor slave and so as an example to the others he was placed in a hanging cage starved and beaten at a crossroad outside of Tortage. Picts gathered below the cage seeing a free meal but when they opened it they got more than they bargained for. TeXian was patching his wounds and chewing on some roots he found in the pict bags, he wouldnt touch the meat, when a shadow loomed over him. He glanced up to see the smiling face of the Captain. Be hind the Captain were ranks of black armored troops. The Captain shook his head and said to him, "looks like you have had better days friend". Texian has follwed him ever since.

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