Alliance Info: We are a group of several immature guilds that have come together to Circle Jerk for the sole purpose of fighting The Uprising. Although we are usually sworn enemies, we hold hands and sing songs every time Uprising is in the area.

Requirments to Join: To join the Carebear Consortium you must first have a strong hate for The Uprising. You must also drop all KoS with guilds in the alliance as soon as The Uprising comes into range. If you meet these 2 requirements we would love to slob your knob so we can be more viable in PvP, contact an officer or leader from the contacts below to join.

Guilds/Contact Information In The Alliance: Guild Name: Acolytes - Contact: Hieru || Guild Name: SnowHawk Clan - Contact: Entar || Guild Name: Death & Debauchery - Contact: Cirus || Guild Name: Imperium - Contact: Virtus


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