The Uprising
Guild/Group Guild
Primary Focus PvP
  2nd Focus PvE
Size 400+ Members
Guild Master Nazereth
City Lacheish Plains, Tier 2
Time Zone Eastern
Website Our Site Join Us!

Uprising is a Group of Mature Gamers that love to PvP. Our Motto is Kill Em All And Let The Gods Sort Em Out. Uprising is a newer guild on Cimmeria compared to others and we are growing everyday, soon to be even more powerful. I'f you enjoy PvP and have no problem slaughtering anything that moves, The Uprising is for you!

Believe it or not, The Uprising does actually RolePlay, we just do it with our swords and spears instead of words is all.

Our RP Story:

--The Uprising! In The Begining--

In a dark corner of an Inn Nazereth sits contemplating his next move. The world has grown feeble he thinks. The leaders of Hyboria hide in fear of political and violent uprising. They hide in their castles and do nothing to strengthen the land. All they do is talk of peace and alliances. Months have gone by and still all they do is talk! Anger surges through his veins but the ale he has been drinking finally calms his nerves and sleep falls upon him.

Nazereth begins to dream. He hears a voice, “Nazereth, I call upon you!”. It is the voice of his god Set. Hyboria has become tainted with too many weak pathetic humans. They have forgotten their place. They sit in their homes doing nothing to defend themselves yet they pray to me to defend them. I grow tired of this Nazereth. I have chosen you to lead the world back to being strong. Where citizens of Hyboria can defend themselves and entertain me with the spilling of their blood. Gather all who will join you and paint the earth red with the blood of those who will not. I Set, command you!

Nazereth wakes with a sense of purpose. He looks out across the table to the band of rebels that have helped him wage war for months now. Altora, Teigra, Pyro, Cynar are all strong warriors. Their skills sit rotting while others talk of peace. He sees the boredom on their faces. A smile crosses his face at the thought of things to come.

He slams his fist on the table. “Wake up!” he yells. We have a new direction. We shall cross the lands and gather an army. Those who oppose us shall die. We will create an uprising and show those who lead that they have grown weak and complacent. The citizens of Hyboria will fill the air with their screams agony. Our names will reach the heavens from those who cry out in fear and disgust. Set has told me this shall be! We shall not fail because the gods command victory! Nazereth shouts, “ALL HAIL THE UPRISING!”

-Credit Goes to Teigra/Lloth for our wonderful RP story!-

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