Game Information
Game Name Tkit
Race Cimmerian
Class Ranger
Professions for hire
Height 5'7"
Weight 165
Build muscular
Gender female
Hair ginger
Eyes green
Age mature


Tkit has the appearance of a weathered and hardened woman, worn down by the atrocities passed on from the powers-that-be. A fine scar cut across one cheek defines her path in life, that of the unwanted, the unloved, and the untouchable. Stealth conceals the furrowed brow that cannot relax. Hyboria is a cruel, unbalanced and buggy world, with little love for the Ranger class.


Quickly, decisively, and with what few remaining skills still remaining to her sad and lonely class.


Angry with the gods for creating such an unfair and unjust world for the Ranger class, Tkit seeks vengeance and retribution through the extraction of pain and suffering of others. A swift volley of arrows into human flesh does much to belay the frustration of suffering as the unwanted, red-headed step child of the Hyborian world.

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