Game Information
Game Name Trebellius
Title(s) Head Priest of the Knights of Mitra
Race Aquilonian
Class Priest of Mitra
Guild The Knights of Mitra
Professions Architect, Gemcutter
Height 6'2
Weight 180lbs
Build Medium
Gender Male
Hair Blonde with a splash of Grey
Eyes Grey
Age 38
Alignment Lawful Neutral


Trebellius is not physically imposing by any means, what is imposing is his unwavering faith in Mitra. He spent much of his youth in various temples studying the tenants of Mitra, and working under other priests. In his Teen years he was sent on various expeditions with the church to spread the word of Mitra, here is were he got his first taste of the heathens that run rampant in Hyboria.


He is fanatical in his worship of Mitra, and he aspires to reach the greatest pinnacle of faith. Some of his peers view him as unstable and even crazy, some do not trust him and believe his ideals and views to be perverted and twisted. However Trebellius is also charasmatic and has a knack for taking young impressionable men and turning them into faithful tools to be used in Trebellius's cleansing of the unpure and unclean.


The decendant of the founder of the original Knights of Mitra, Trebellius had uncovered old tomes long forgotten while carrying out missionary tasks in the south. These tomes documented much of the Knights of Mitras doctrine and a journal owened by his ancestor which documented his extensive knowledge and fanatical view points. Trebellius slowly gained enough knowledge and power through researching and studying these text that he was able to rise high within the ranks of the church. When he felt secure enough he once again stood up the Knights of Mitra and now prepares to finish the work which Magus failed to complete many years ago.

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