Guild/Group Guild
Theme Raiding
Primary Focus PvP
  2nd Focus PvE
Size Medium
Guild Master Carleigh, Peoko
Contacts Archaelen, Baindarr, Braghtu, Bysshe, Feydalin, Gaerlin, Morfin, Orilion, Sebastien, Shiner, Valianz
City Yes
Ventrilo Yes
Time Zone Multiple

With the recent merger of two great guilds--Pariah and Onslaught--a new force has arisen on Cimmeria... Unforgiven. The combined resources of both guilds enables us to pursue high-level content, including PvP and PvE raids. We are looking forward to making our mark on the server. Our friends will rejoice at our arrival, our enemies quake.

  • Recruiting members status: Open, 18+ years of age.

About Us Edit

Preparation: Unforgiven members come to events prepared for success and do not expect to be carried by others. Preparation includes having both the equipment (potions, gear, etc.) needed for the task and the knowledge of the encounters we will face and tactics we will employ. Thorough preparation allows Unforgiven to accomplish in hours what lesser guilds accomplish in days.

Selflessness: Unforgiven members are not selfish with loot or recognition. Unforgiven members pass on loot that can be better used by others to advance our overall goals. Unforgiven members step out of raid slots if it increases the chance of success. Unforgiven members accept and embrace our policy of officer assigned (raid-quality) loot and understand decisions are made for the benefit of the guild. Unforgiven members know that we will conquer every obstacle in our path, and only time stands between us and anything we want from this game.

Participation: Unforgiven members participate in guild activities and events. There is no minimum requirement for posting on forums or event signups but if you are unwilling to contribute and hang out with your guild members then we are not the guild for you. If you do sign up for events we expect that you will attend or provide advance notification that you cannot.

Respect: Unforgiven respects its members and those of other guilds. Unforgiven members do not act in a way that will reflect poorly on the guild including griefing, corpse-camping, spamming and other obvious activities. Unforgiven is a pretty relaxed bunch, and we like to have fun. Unforgiven strives for "quiet excellence" by keeping a moderate public profile and letting our PvP and PvE accomplishments speak for themselves. Unforgiven speaks softly but carries a big stick.

Unforgiven Protects Unforgiven: Cimmeria a RP-PvP server. There will be times when your fellow members are under attack and call for aid and you must be willing to respond if needed. Unforgiven can overlook the occasional battles over spawns, friendly skirmishes, and inadvertent PK's but consistent camping or griefing of our members will bring an appropriate response at a time and place of our choosing. Unforgiven has a long memory. When delivered our vengeance will thunder like the hammer of Crom.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

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