Usola Marauder
Game Information
Nickname(s) Dirty Fist
Race Cimmerian
Class Bear Shaman
Guild -Absolution-
Professions Murder
Height 5'2
Weight 108
Build Tomboyish/Small
Gender Female
Hair Pink
Eyes Yellow
Age 16
Alignment Chaotic Evil

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Usola is a small height Cimmerain woman ranging from 5'2. She has incredibly pale skin along with her eyes looking of an Bloody light yellow which could be seen by her enemies in the heat of battle. Her body is of tomboyish build however her former mates found it very attractive, and just below her neck she had been marked with a symbol of bounded earth meaning her eternal stay on earth. When she opens her mouth many will quickly see that two of her upper front teeth are missing leaving most to thing that they'd been lost in bar brawls most likely.


Usola StoryEdit

"This bloody fool seems to be a smart one in deed but he'll meet sets wrath soon enough" nearly escaping a deathly trap while hunting a stygian thief

Early YearsEdit

This girl's Birth had taken place in a conally village, Unfortunately Usola parents grown extremely poor thus unable to care for their young daughter any longer soo they had abandoned her in the poisonous Purple Lotus swamp leaving the poor baby with only a blanket covering her up. As hopeless as it seemed to been a young stygian boy had came across the young child, and taken her home in task of taking very good care for years to come like the pale cimmerian baby was of his blood. Her now what to been her older brother educated the girl in the ways of the stygian culture including worshiping set by taking them to sacrifice rituals not very far from their home village. However the priest of set disapproved bring an outsiders along the ceremony's threating in the task of killing them both next time. Rather then fear the words of the foolish priest both kids decided to still come to grand ceremony the old priest discovered them both , and ordered the guards to murder them both as it would been a gift to set. 10 year old Usola and her brother were surrounded by the guards (( working on the story))

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