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Dark Covenant

We are a player versus player guild. We enjoy competing with other players. AI is simply not enough, though it can prove to be fun from time to time. Role-playing is another thing that is welcome. Too long have guilds distanced themselves from their role-play roots. Our names, our speech, and our actions are restricted. Needless to say, a lot is expected from members. Simply speaking like a child is not only an embarrassment but poor representation of the guild. Silence, best serves us. Gloating does not. Our motto is simple, kill and move on.




  • Good spelling and grammar.
  • Heading for story page stating title and author.
  • Properly categorized for story archival.
  • Images included in the story are appropriate to the subject.
  • Must follow policy guidelines.


  • Neutral and unbiased.
  • Comprehensive, relevant information regarding the subject.
  • Good punctuation, grammar, and spelling.
  • Contains at least one image.
  • Images included in the article are appropriate to the subject.
  • Must follow policy guidelines.


  • Good design/composition.
  • Color harmony for color pieces, good use of a variety of values for black and white.
  • Correct proportion.
  • No copying copyrighted works.
  • Complete.
  • Must follow policy guidelines.

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