Yasha Cirrus Windroc
Game Information
Game Name Yasha
Race Cimmerian
Class Bear Shaman
Height 6'4"
Weight 195lbs.
Build Athletic, toned muscles.
Hair Long, white-blonde.
Eyes Icy Blue.
Age 24
Alignment Chaotic good.


Yasha is a towering woman, built with the strong muscle structure of the northern tribes. Her skin is pale as death, and long white hair hangs to her shoulders. Her features are sharp and defined, with high cheekbones and wide almond eyes. Her face is scarred, a pale claw mark trailing from the left of her mouth down to her chin. Her body is toned from years of climbing and general life in the savage north, tempering her to a fine physique. She is well endowed, even for her great height, and her right breast bears the scar from a bear's claw from an attack in her younger years. She wears an assortment of animal skins, mainly lizard hide, but often carelessly goes semi or fully naked.


Yasha may be considered naive in social situations of many southern countries, and can easily be tricked as such. But her mind is sharp and by most means is still rather intelligent. She is a kind person, coming from a tribe of closely knit families that valued friendship as closely as blood kindred. Her opinion towards southern women can be brutal, as women outside the north are far more 'feminine' than she is familiar with. When the mood takes her she can be polite, sweet, and openly sexual.

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